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  • Welcome to Chabad at Stockton University!

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    Emotionally Close. Socially Distant.

    To our dear Freshman and new students at Stockton,
    It wasn't supposed to start this way.
    We'd be carrying our Shofar around campus, you'd come up and say "hey! that's a shofar!"
    Or we'd be giving out honey cookies in honor of Rosh Hashanah, and you'd come over and talk about services, meals, and opportunities.
    We'd talk, you'd come over with a bunch of friends for Shabbat Dinner. We'd learn about your life and what brought you here.
    We'd teach you a song, you'll never forget. "Aint Gonna Work On Saturday..."
    Instead, it starts with quarantine and social distancing!
    The famous philosopher Homer Simpson once said; "The future ain't what it was".
    Many of you have reached out to us to ask about Jewish life on campus this coming semester.
    We would love nothing more than to host you for Shabbat, classes, get-togethers, and simply catch up. 
    We want you to know, whether in person or virtually, we will do everything in our ability to give you a great Jewish experience on campus!
    What a weird time to go to college! We're going to help you through it.
    Here's (the short version) of what you need to do;
    1. Sign up below to get event notifications. This includes Shabbat To Go Packages, Socially Safe Outdoor Shabbat Dinners, Virtual and in-person Jewish Learning Opportunities, Limited Social Gatherings, and High Holiday & Shabbat Services offerings.
    2. Remember that with each event notification there will be an RSVP form. Make sure to fill it out as it will close when capacity is reached.
    3. Know that you have a support system here at Stockton. Participate as your
    comfort level and capacity restrictions allow.
    Sign up below to get notices of events & "to go" packages

    Fill out the form below to get FREE giveaways and to stay in touch with the latest events!

    Looking forward,

    Rabbi Meir & Shaina 

    And the Chabad Student Leaders 


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Shabbat Dinner

Turn Friday night into Shabbat by joining Chabad for a free delicious, home-made, 4 course dinner. Hot food! Cool people!

Holiday Celebrations

Whether it's Chanukah or Passover, High Holidays or Purim, Chabad offers meaningful services and events to celebrate the holidays in a warm and fulffilling environment.

Social Events

Meet new faces and unwind from classwork with friends at any of our social events. BBQ's. Girls Night. Movie Night. Painting. Cooking. + MUCH MORE!

Student Leadership

Add your voice and feel the difference you make. Help keep the flame of Judaism shining brightly for the Stockton Jews and beyond!

Jewish Education

One-on-one. Weekly classes. Sinai Scholars internship. The list is endless! Join any one of these amazing study sessions to grow your Jewish knowledge.