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 Emotionally close, Socially distant.






 Fall 2020 Semester Plan


Dear Students,


This is a strange time to be a college student, and things will be conducted differently than a typical semester at Stockton University.  


But we want you to know that Covid-19 wont stop up from providing you, our beloved students, with an amazing semester full of the authentic Jewish experiences you deserve! 


At the same time, we are fully committed to ensuring your health and safety. No matter what the circumstances are, Chabad is still your home away from home and we are here for you, no matter what challenges come your way. 


It is with this in mind that we present our current plans for the semester. To adapt to our new COVID-19 reality, we’ve developed a new program for this Fall. We call this robust and relevant mission Chabad Cares. Its goal is to remain emotionally close, even if we must keep socially distant


As the situation on campus changes, we will continue to adapt and develop Chabad Cares resources to support you. 


This plan prioritizes your health and safety. There will be some changes in how things are done at Chabad and we trust that you will embrace these changes as we all do our part to keep us all safe and healthy. 




Below are some key aspects of
Chabad's Fall 2020 Semester Plan:


1. Chabad’s Outdoor Space


Thanks to the generosity of our incredible partners, Chabad will have a huge open tent which will now be the operating space for meetings and events during the first part of the semester. This tent will be put up in the back of the building and will be set up with all that is needed to host our dear students. There will be precautions in place including a hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. We ask the students to strictly practice 6 feet physical distancing. 


2. RSVP required now for all events


We are closely adhering to all CDC, Stockton, and state of NJ guidelines. All events will have limited capacity. The number of attendees allowed might change based on any changing guidelines of Stockton University. For every event at Chabad, RSVP will be required so we can keep to the number of attendees allowed and for contact tracing if necessary. Entrance to events will only be allowed if there are prior reservations via the website.


3. Shabbat Dinners


Shabbat at Chabad Stockton is a mainstay of keeping our community together. Shabbat dinners will be taking place in the new open air tent, where distance can be maintained. We have also put great care into our reopening food plan, with guidance from the CDC and University guidelines. These are the important guidelines for Shabbat Dinners:


- RSVP will be strictly required for attendance at the Shabbat meals and all events. Stay tuned for the RSVP link. First come, first served, so reserve early!


- The Shabbat dinner will be capped at 25 students.


- All attendees will be required to wear a mask (besides during actual eating and drinking) and physical distancing will be maintained.


- All food will be served by servers, not the usual family style.


4. High Holidays


We are planning many options to serve the needs of our community during the High Holidays. We will be hosting High Holiday Services and meals in person while following all the guidelines with masks, physical distancing, health checks and limited number of participants. 


We understand that the Covid-19 situation means different levels of comfort and safety to each of us, so there will be a range of options that you will be able to choose from. We will send updates for the High Holiday plans as we get closer to the High Holidays.


5. Learning opportunities & Sinai Scholars


We will be once again be offering a wide array of Jewish learning opportunities with gatherings capped at 10 students (with masks and physical distancing). More information coming soon.


6. BBQ's and social events


We will continue hosting BBQ's and social events. All events with food will be held outdoors in the Backyard with masks and physical distancing required (besides for actual eating and drinking), and all food will be served by our servers.


7. Mental Health Support


We recognize what a challenging time this is for so many.  We are constantly reminding our students that we are here on call 24/7. We will continue to provide our emotional support services including welcome and care packages, and chicken soup deliveries.  Although we may need to be physically distant, we are always emotionally close.


Feel free to reach out to us anytime for any questions or comments, or if we can be of any assistance. We are here for YOU!
Rabbi Meir 609-674-8733
Shaina 608-520-4496